Sunday 29 January 2023

Essay on Pollution in English

Essay on Pollution in English
Essay on Pollution in English

It is quite true that pollution is the greatest enemy of man.pollution means "making impure or filthy". Today we see the pollution everywhere .pollution is in the air, in the water, and on the land.  

Man is surrounded by air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution. The air pollution is polluted because of the smoke, chemicals, and gases. These are released through. The vehicles, mills, and factories. It is very dangerous to our health. We cut the trees, so air is not purified.

Water is polluted by waste materials and chemicals. These are common for industries and factories. They dump materials into lakes, rivers, gutters, etc. Noise is polluted by a much voice of radio, T.V. or vehicles flying airplanes, loudspeaker etc.

We all know about pollution but we do not work anything about it. We must take strict and proper steps against pollution. We must grow trees and protect forests. We must keep our surrounding clean. We must not throw rubbish anywhere. We must make minimum use of loudspeakers too.

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